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The Kismet-Faire Polyhedral Academy is the largest, most prestigious boarding and gaming school in the land. That can put students attending there under A LOT of pressure! So, when you find this flyer pinned to the hallway bulletin board one day between classes...

Are your grades an embarrassment?
Have you neglected your community service obligations?
Will universities be underwhelmed by your extracurricular portfolio?
Is your life utterly devoid of spontaneity and stimulation?

MARVELOUS! This most preparatory program will help you find the side of yourself you never knew you had!!

...You feel a little called out...to be honest. You pull off a tab, start walking to your next class, and go on about your day. For now...

Die Cast is a game about dice. It is a game involving dice. It is a game where you do not roll dice! Instead, you will be role-playing as dice! You've just joined a club that promises to improve every facet of your academic life! All you're asked to do is participate in the timeless tradition of randomized-storytelling! 

That...and face the hard truth that you will NEVER understand what does or doesn't make your Audience happy!

Original Cover Photo by fotografierende from Pexels

Adorable drawing of The Frog to commemorate reaching a playable Alpha on January 31, 2019 By Sasha Reneau


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