The Confluent Circuit demands a balance between the needs of the people aboard its 9 vessels and the whims of the Sublimes; numerous, colossal beings surpassing the boundaries of organic and synthetic.

Each phase of your journey, you will appease one of the three Sublimes on duty to vouchsafe your passage. They accept nothing but one-third of the resources in their reserves. The other two-thirds disperse to vessels of matching color.

Strive to see all 9 vessels complete the Circuit, but beware the farther apart the vessels get, the greater the strain on your Resonance. When your Resonance reaches 0, the cohesion between your vessels will break apart. No effort by you or the Sublimes can continue your journey.

This game is a procedural prototype for a fan game inspired by  Friends at the Table, Season 4: The Twilight Mirage.

Original Cover Photo by Jakub Novacek from Pexels

Click here for the current development build.

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